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When I try to log into my or account, it says it is a conflicting account


HUSD has officially adopted Google Apps as a supported platform.  In order to continue to use your prior account, you will have to rename it to a new account. This gmail account will serve as the repository for your already created Google Docs. 

Follow these instructions to resolve a conflicting account:

1) Click the "Get Started" button. 

2) Click "Next"

3) Choose to create a new Gmail account. Click "Continue"

4) Choose a new gmail address. We suggest to use your existing HUSD username followed by ''. Click the "Submit" button.

5) Provide your cell phone number and click "Continue". Google will text or call you with a verification code. Enter the verification code on the following screen screen. 


Text messages may take 20 minutes to be delivered. Consider using the voice. 

6) You're account, with all of your data, has been moved to new your new Gmail address. 

7) Next Steps: