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How do I login to my HUSD Google Apps account for the first time?


Your HUSD Google Apps account is integrated with your HUSD account.   If you are unsuccessful logging in to your Google Apps account for the first time, you may need to change your HUSD password first. If you haven't changed your password, follow this guide

1) Go to to login to your HUSD Google Apps account. Enter your HUSD Account information and click to Sign In. 


If you are prompted for your password on other Google web pages, you must enter the complete domain name:

2) You are asked to agree to the Terms of Service when you login for the first time. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click "I accept". You will not be prompted for this again. 

3) You're done!  You are now logged in to your Google Apps account. You can use your Google Apps account to create Google Docs and share them with colleagues. 

Your HUSD email, calendar and contacts will be migrated to Google Apps in the future. EIT will notify you before this occurs.