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How do I share my Google Docs from my Gmail account with my HUSD Google Apps account?


HUSD has officially adopted Google Apps as a supported platform.  We encourage all users to create new Google Docs using their HUSD Google Apps account.  This article shows how to share your Gmail-created Google Docs with your HUSD Google Apps account. 

1) Go to and login to your Gmail account. 

2) From My Drive, tick the upper-most box to share all of your documents, or select documents one at a time. 

3) Go to the More menu, select Share. 

4) On the Sharing page, add your HUSD Google Apps email address with edit permissions, then click on Share & save. You have now shared your documents. 


Both the and domains can be used for sharing documents. However, you can only login to Google using the domain.

5) Go to Login with your HUSD Google Apps Account. Click on "Shared with me" to see your shared files.