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HUSD Internet Content Filter Overview August 2013

HUSD EIT team has upgraded the Firewall and Internet (Web) Content filter over the summer!  In Phase I, EIT along with ACOE switched the systems over.  In Phase II, we have been working long and hard to roll out comparable functionality.  In future phases, EIT will be working on improving the filtering.  As of now, the new filter provides much faster internet throughput and sets up HUSD for future speed improvement!

If you are a HUSD Windows PC user who is logging in with their HUSD username and password combination, you will, for the most part, not see these screens.  We will be implementing support for Macintoshes and other devices in the coming weeks and months. Until then, here is how you can login and bypass the filtering settings:

First you'll get a block window.

 To get the Web Filter Bypass Login, please click on the "Internet Authentication Page." link.  You will get a popup window that looks like this:

Use your HUSD username and password to login.  
Your HUSD username is the first part of your email address. For example, Arnold Staffguy would have an email address of and a username of astaffguy.

Once you successfully login, you'll see this window:
Login Successful Window

Then, go back to your original window and click the refresh icon  and start browsing!

You will now be able to browse the web unimpeded for 24 hours. Unless you click the logout button of the bypass or logout of your computer.
don't forget to logout!

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